Lisa Winston’s voice is familiar to baseball fans from her years at USA Today Sports Weekly and, thanks to dozens of hosting gigs and guest spots on radio, TV and podcasts over the years, but now she’s ready to expand her horizons.

Lisa isn’t a one-dimensional “sports geek” (though she can play one, if needed) but rather a friendly, fun and slightly quirky woman who could be your friend, mom, sister, neighbor or teacher.

She’s equally comfortable bringing life to copy about pop flies and Pop Tarts, yoga and Yogi Bear, Beaujolais and Bichon Frises.

A former Jeopardy! contestant, Lisa loves responding to the challenge of a cold read, but that’s the only thing cold about her.

Her natural warmth is one of her strong points, but hey, if you want “cool,” she is cool with that, too (having gotten her radio license in New York at age 14, she’s still got that FM DJ voice in her bag of tricks).

Based out of the Washington, D.C., area, Lisa not only has a full home studio, Backstreet Studios, in her basement, but her husband, noted DC jazz musician/producer Wayne Wilentz, serves as an in-house producer, guaranteeing quick and professional turn-around.

If you want a “great read,” check her out!


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